Why You Need Personal Umbrella Insurance

As the saying goes, accidents can happen.

With 30 years of experience managing personal liability insurance programs, I have seen firsthand that unfortunate incidents can happen to just about anyone – even attorneys. The problem is, even when you’re very careful in life, you can be named in a personal liability lawsuit.

You’re exposed every day to risks. No doubt you have insurance; but, many of your day-to-day exposures can lead to a lawsuit or claim well beyond the limits of coverage provided under your auto or homeowner’s policy.

Why you need Personal Umbrella Insurance

Our society is often characterized as litigious. In view of this, it’s a good time to consider the value of adding personal liability protection to your insurance portfolio.  Here’s why:

You or your teenage driver may be in an auto accident; someone could slip and fall in your home; there could be a mishap in your swimming pool or on your boat; your college student may be named in an incident while away at school; or you could be held responsible for a rental property or pet problem.


Generally speaking, a personal umbrella policy provides you (the insured), and your family with personal liability protection and the legal defense you may need in the event a covered incident or personal liability lawsuit. Without personal umbrella insurance, it’s a different story.  You and your entire family could end up in serious trouble. The financial damage, time drain and emotional stress can have severe impact on your career and your future earning abilities.


Suppose you’re in a car accident, for example: Your car insurance may only provide coverage with limits of $250,000 per person and $500,000 per accident. However, damages from the accident could be substantially higher than the primary auto limits.  You could be named responsible for bodily injury, future loss of income, pain and suffering, medication and more. You may also need the money and time to engage appropriate legal counsel. What’s more, you may need to take necessary action to prevent liens on your future earnings. 


When you weigh these possibilities against the cost of an annual premium of approximately $365, it’s not hard to realize the value of adding Personal Umbrella Insurance to your insurance portfolio.  The good news is you now have access to Personal Umbrella Insurance created exclusively for ABE members.


Introducing the ALIP Personal Umbrella Insurance Plan.

Offered to you at exclusive low member rates, the ALIP Personal Umbrella Plan provides you and your family from $1 million to $5 million in personal liability protection and the legal defense you may need in the event of a covered incident or personal liability lawsuit.


Some key advantages of the ALIP Personal Umbrella Insurance Plan:

  • A low single group rate provides coverage for your homes, autos and members of your household. Plus, it provides protection for accidents involving uninsured/underinsured motorists, identity theft and kidnap and ransom - at no extra cost.
  • You’ll have a team of experts on your side, ready to respond to complaint allegations or handle special claims such as liable and slander.
  • As you move through life cycles, your coverage goes with you.
  • Convenient “stand alone” feature allows you to purchase an umbrella plan independent from your auto and homeowners policy – which makes it easy to add this coverage anytime without changing an existing carrier.


My experience in personal liability insurance has enabled me to be well-versed in the exposures inherent in our everyday activities, as well as the practicalities of personal umbrella coverage for any lifestyle. I truly appreciate the emotional security and peace of mind that comes with having personal umbrella protection.


I recommend you consider the real value of obtaining ALIP Personal Umbrella Insurance created exclusively for ABE members.  It can prove to be a wise step toward protecting your finances – and obtaining peace of mind for your family’s future.


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