ALIP Personal Umbrella Plan Coverage Highlights

Exclusive Member-only Rates
Available at ABE member-only rates, you can cost-effectively add the level of personal liability coverage that matches your risk exposures.

Coverage Limit  Annual Premium*
 $1 million  $423
 $2 million  $612
 $3 million    $764
 $5 million  $1,018

*Annual premiums quoted. Coverage will be effective the first of month after application approval.

Coverage amounts from $1 million to $5 million
Coverage is available up to $5 million, with a single group rate without additional charges.

Covers your household family members at no additional premium
You are covered and so are your spouse and other household family members. They get the same basic protection you enjoy, with no restriction on the number or ages of family members. Children away at school are considered as residents of your household and are also covered. And actions of your household pet that you are responsible for are covered.

Provides broad coverage on your residence
In addition to your residence, a vacation home or condominium is also covered, and housing properties that you rent as a place to live.

The number or types of cars has no effect on your premium
Your single premium automatically covers all the cars you own and any new or additional cars as well as a variety of recreational vehicles. Also covered, are snowmobiles and boats.

Shifting the burden of legal defense
Even a lawsuit that a court later rules is without merit requires competent legal help. The ALIP Plan will provide you with defense for covered claims even if a suit is determined to be frivolous.

Under the Plan, the mounting legal fees to develop a defense, plead in court and negotiate any adverse judgment are paid by the insurance company in addition to the policy limit.

Adds other liability protection
This Plan supplies members with personal liability coverage for claims arising from libel, slander and false arrest. Also covered are the occasional or part-time qualifying business activities of a covered household member.

Also, if you are temporarily outside the United States, you are only required to obtain the maximum underlying limits available in that country, if less than the ABI Plan requirements.

Covers accidents involving uninsured / underinsured motorists
Losses from an accident caused by uninsured / underinsured motorist are also covered under this Plan — providing up to $1 million of coverage per accident. This Plan also pays you benefits for the injuries you sustain.

Provides coverage for identity theft expenses
Identity Fraud coverage is also automatically included in the ALIP Personal Umbrella Insurance plan available to members and spouses. If identity fraud is committed against you, you can receive payment up to $25,000 for each occurrence to help cover expenses incurred.

Kidnap and Ransom
Kidnap and ransom coverage is also automatically included in the Plan for you, your spouse and other covered household members. You can receive payment up to $100,000 for each covered occurrence for ransom monies and kidnap related expenses.

24-hour, worldwide coverage
You can travel anywhere at any time, knowing that you didn't leave your personal liability protection back at the house or at the airport.