Claims Scenarios

Here are a few claims scenarios that show how personal excess liability coverage can help protect you and your family when an unfortunate liability occurrence arises:

  • Automobile Accidents
    • A youthful driver stopped at a stop sign to wait for a friend to catch up. The driver put the car into reverse to back up to meet the friend, when the car ran into a jogger. The jogger received a massive head injury, and the total claim was $1,000,000 over the parent’s primary insurance policy.
    • Car 1 got a flat tire due to running over a piece of scrap metal and pulled over to the side of the highway. Minutes later, Car 2 swerved to avoid the metal and lost control of the vehicle, hitting the driver of Car 1, who was attempting to change the tire. The driver of Car 1 sustained a traumatic brain injury, resulting in huge medical bills and future care costs. The driver of Car 2 was found liable and the total claim amounted to over $5,000,000, well in excess over the primary auto coverage.
  • Personal Liability  — A family was hosting a dinner party and gave a few friends a tour of their home before dinner. One of the guests tripped and fell down some stairs located in an unexpected area during the tour, receiving severe injuries. The guest sued the hosts for $500,000, which is $200,000 more than what their homeowners’ policy will cover.
  • Boat Incident — A family was taking a ride in their speedboat, taking care to avoid other boats on the water. However, they didn’t see two individuals floating in a tube near one of the boats. The boat hit one of the individuals on the tube, causing life-threatening injuries. The claim cost was $2,000,000 over the boater’s primary coverage.